Off to a slow start

Yes, it has been eight months since I set up this blog and I have yet to start blogging. First, it’s been a busy year, but I know that is no excuse. Second, and this excuse is legitimate, I have been working through some legalities to protect my intellectual property and my future plans to evolve this blog into an important resource for caregivers. I am in the process of registering “The End of Life Survival Guide” as a trademark linked to my business, Advantage Consulting Services, LLC. I am registering this trademark under two classes: Providing a website featuring information about health and wellness, namely, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, caregiving, and end of life; and Educational and entertainment services, namely, providing motivational speaking services in the field of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, caregiving, and end of life. Part of the process is establishing use of the trademark, and I will do this through this blog.

My other dilemma is over ethics. I am the financial power of attorney, the medical power of attorney, and “declared representative” for my mother, as well as her primary, full-time caregiver. How much information should I share about her? Am I invading her privacy? Am I violating HIPAA? Is this blog and what I choose to share about my experiences as caregiver an assault of her dignity? Is it disrespectful?

I’ve had many conversations with my mother over my various roles, and she has always stated that she trusted me to do what is in her best interest. My mom is also a very caring and helpful person, and she raised me to share her same values. I truly believe that my mom approves of what I am hoping to accomplish here: to share our experience of her journey to the end of life, to provide information, resources and tips, all with the hope of helping others who are going through a similar experience of their own.

So now that I have made progress on resolving the legal and ethical barriers that have delayed my start, I am ready to proceed.

About Doug Seubert

My name is Doug Seubert and I live in Wisconsin (USA). I am working toward a Masters in public health, and I am the President and CEO of a new non-profit organization: Marshfield Area Purple Angels. My blogs share resources, tools, and information about various public health topics, with a strong emphasis on community health education, effective health communication, and health literacy. I am also the creator of "The End of Life Survival Guide" featuring tips and resources for caregivers of a loved one near the end of life.
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