Music & Memory

My mom has advanced dementia and music is about the only way she can still communicate. She loves to sing and I recorded her singing with me. So far we have over 40 songs recorded and they are available for FREE. All of our songs are well-known, well-liked favorites and they are in the public domain so you can download them to make personalized play lists for iPods or burn them to a CD.

These songs bring joy to my mom and we want to share this joy with others. So please feel free to use our music! We’ll keep adding new songs!

album cover 100_1528 100_1519             100_1520

About Doug Seubert

My name is Doug Seubert and I live in Wisconsin (USA). I am working toward a Masters in public health, and I am the President and CEO of a new non-profit organization: Marshfield Area Purple Angels. My blogs share resources, tools, and information about various public health topics, with a strong emphasis on community health education, effective health communication, and health literacy. I am also the creator of "The End of Life Survival Guide" featuring tips and resources for caregivers of a loved one near the end of life.
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