A new bird feeder for Mom ….

I finally finished my project …. I converted our dead christmas tree into a bird feeder….. I covered styrofoam balls in peanut butter then rolled them in bird seed. I also found some old plastic lids, punched a hole, tied some ribbon through them, and covered them in peanut butter and bird seed, too. and I also found some little plastic cups (I think Mom saved them from when we had those little ice cream cups you eat with the wooden spoons … Mom saved everything!) so I wired them on the tree and filled them with bird seed too. Not much snow to anchor the dead tree, so I propped it next to a heart-shaped rod-iron plant holder that is firmly frozen in the ground. I used some twine to tie the tree to it. I’ll probably feed more squirrels than birds, but I think Mom would have liked this.

100_1575 100_1577 100_1579

About Doug Seubert

My name is Doug Seubert and I live in Wisconsin (USA). I am working toward a Masters in public health, and I am the President and CEO of a new non-profit organization: Marshfield Area Purple Angels. My blogs share resources, tools, and information about various public health topics, with a strong emphasis on community health education, effective health communication, and health literacy. I am also the creator of "The End of Life Survival Guide" featuring tips and resources for caregivers of a loved one near the end of life.
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